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You might have heard a rumor about us: we don't have an office. It's true. We don't, and for good reason. Office space is expensive, and our work happens where your work happens. So, in order to help keep our prices low but still attract the best employees, we cut out the brick and mortar. Our office now lives in the cloud. Cool, right?

But that doesn't mean we are hard to reach.

You can reach any one of our mangement team below via email. We are constantly connected, and you can expect to hear back from us shortly. We don't publish our phone numbers, but are happy to provide it to you once we have established our relationship. In addition, if you need to send us correspondence via mail, our P.O. Box is located at:

Echo Hospitality
P.O. Box 48277
Seattle, WA 98148

If you are looking to apply, that's great! Please, do not (I repeat, do not!) email us directly. Follow the link below to apply. We have a process that ensures fair consideration, and it starts there. In fact, emailing us directly will probably take you out of consideration.

Meet our Executive Team

Megan Russell Founder, Sales & Operations

Megan has achieved a certificate in Event Management from George Washington University, a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from South Seattle College, and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Business Leadership. She has eight years in Event and Hospitality management, and several additional years of experience managing front of house customer service in various environments. And, of course, she has successfully guided Echo for the last three years and counting.

Megan is the primary contact for all client staffing needs, as well as the primary contact for Echo team members who have questions about shifts, scheduling, payroll, and more. In addition, Megan is responsible for all invoicing and billing. As the majority shareholder, Megan has the authority and knowledge to answer any question relating to Echo and is the primary contact for most matters. Megan's current project is researching how to expand Echo to the Portland, Oregon area.

Page has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington, a Master's of Business Administration from Western Governor's University, and over ten years experience in fine dining. He has demonstrated experience managing in both customer facing and internal units. He has helped Megan grow Echo over the last three years by supporting back of the house functions and guiding strategic decisions.

Page is primarily responsible for maintaining web development & technology, contracts, and accounting. In addition, Page helps Megan set Echo's strategy, and consults with her on challenging opportunities. Page is currently building a custom web app to improve Echo's scheduling processes.

Page Russell Founder, Strategy

Do what is right,
Not what is easy