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Let's start with your name. First and last please. Middle name is optional, but useful for reasons.
Now we need your email and phone number. If we bring you on our team, this email will be your log in, and one of the primary ways we communicate with you. So think carefully about which email you want to share with us.
We also need an address, since not everything can be done digitally. Close, but not quite everything.
Alright, let's get that resume. We accept pdf, word, or text formats, as well as png and jpeg for those graphic designers who just can't help themselves. One file only, please, so if you want to include a cover letter, combine it with your resume, or type it in the box lower down. Max size is 5mb.
If you would like to include a cover letter, please type or paste it here. This is optional.
We have offices in more than one city. What area are you looking to work in?
Ok, what positions are you applying for? You can choose more than one. We have selected Server for you, because everyone within Echo is at least that.
Do you have any of these licenses? You will need at least a food handler's permit before you start working any shifts. It's okay if you don't have them just yet, you can get them pretty quickly. Select any that you have, or just move on if you don't have them yet.
Now let's talk about availability. Answer honestly here - it won't affect our decision to bring you on board. We hire people with all sorts of availability - our team members work anywhere from once a month to full time. Leave them all checked if you have open availability.
Did anyone refer you to us? Give'em credit here.
Alright! Well done so far, we are almost there. This section will not be used to make a hiring decision. In fact, our recruiter won't even be able to see this information. The government requires we gather this data and report back on it every year, to make sure employers are hiring in a fair and equitable manner. We agree with that, so please answer the questions below as best you can. If you're uncomfortable answering any of these, remember, they are voluntary. Also, please note that these options and definitions are provided by the government, not us.
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